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The EMBODI Program addresses the full range of developmental needs of African-American and other minority males ages 14 to 18 years of age, with an evolving focus on education, physical health, social and emotional issues, sexuality, economics, and politics.


The Program serves as a motivational tool for African American and other minority teenage males with the ultimate goal of increasing their knowledge and awareness of issues affecting young men today. Suffolk County Alumnae Chapter continues to work with youny men in our area to meet the goals of this program.

The goals of EMBODI are:

  • To expand the horizons of young African American males by cultivating a personal vision for their lives; 

  • To develop a personalized tool kit that will provide each young man with an individualized approach toward enhanced self-understanding; 

  • To provide each young man with the support and caring of a consistent adult male role model; 

  • To stimulate an awareness of various college and career options to make rewarding life choices and decisions; and . 

  • To create community-minded, caring, giving, and productive citizens by actively involving them in service learning and community service opportunities.

This program is currently offered in the Central Islip, NY area  and meets monthly for the young male residents in this community.  For more information contact

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